meet the maker

I'm the creative soul behind the wheel, the coffee lover with a knack for turning mud into cute things, and the maker/owner of Sweet Potato Studio. It started with a love of pottery and a desire to own my own business for years. Eventually I got a junior pottery weel (happy birthday, me, circa 2020) and the rest was history! A wheel, a nickname, and some big ideas later - Sweet Potato Studio was born :).

The magic happens when ideas in my head find form in clay. Bright and vibrant some days, and soft and neutral in others - my pottery reflects the everyday journey where no two days are the same (or at least they shouldn't be!).

Also? Coffee just tastes better from a handcrafted mug :)

My home is my studio the majority of the time. Where ideation, finishing touches, and glazing can happen in solitude. But the pieces would be incomplete without occasional visits to my local studio where I'm a member. I have all the wheels and tools I could ever need.

At the heart of my work is the belief in the beauty of imperfection. Each piece carries its unique qualities making it one-of-a-kind. The aim? To bring coziness and joy to the everyday small moments. My pieces are timeless, limited, and created to last a lifetime.

This would all be nothing without my two biggest supporters - Toast, my unofficial (and very opinionated) supervisor. And Birk, my very official (and wildly supportive) husband and my biggest fan.

Follow along! :)